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I lie down in my coffin box
Where I play pretend
Look, mommy, I am dead!
I guess this is the end.

I lie down in my coffin box
It's where I go to sleep
I do not own a bed
my home is on the streets.

I lie down in my coffin box
but it's melted in the rain
Death is not pretend now
It lives in tears and pain.

I lay down in my coffin
Now, one that's made of wood.
A brand new home in a brand new box
and where I'll stay for good.
-> I'm not quite sure from where this one came. I've always liked enclosed spaces like boxes though. There's also the connotation of being poor and living on the street in a box. Then, when you die you're placed in a bigger and harder box. Boxes are used for a lot of things, and I guess there's also a lot of symbolism from them to be had as well given you're inclined to look.
LMW-The-Poet Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A box. A simple creation - from the carrier of a Christmas gift, to the carrier od that same child's dead body a few days later...
I think this is a really deep poem, full of symbolism. Well done.
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July 13, 2014


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